School Programming

A field trip dreams are made of !

( Qualification: Groups of school children visiting, M-F, 8-3pm, during the normal school year )
Steps to reserve a program:

1) Review the frequently asked questions below.

2) Review the CALENDAR to find an open date/time.

3) You are now ready too.....

When can I bring my class ?

The official calendar lists the openings. Do not request a date less than 2 weeks from today. If it's open, place a request.

What programs and topics can we see ?

To link your curriculum to your planetarium visit, you can select the most appropriate program for your students.
The program library (still under construction) lists titles and topics of all offerings.
I'm happy to help if you have trouble selecting.
You can always select the "Not Sure Yet" option on the request.

How many people and how long is the visit ?

We have 48 seats and are limited to this by fire code.
Normal programs run 1 hour unless specified.

What is the cost and how is payment handled ?

School Group Student Rates:
( M-F, 8-3pm, during the normal school year)

$3 per student
1 free chaperon for every 20 students.
$60 per program minimum.
Wausau School District only: Payment is handled internally.
You can bring check/cash on your visit. A receipt will be issued.
Sorry no
credit cards at this time.
can also invoice.

How many people can you bring ?

We have 48 seats and are limited to this by fire code.