Private Group Programming

The planetarium is closed for summer maintenance. 

Your group can book the entire planetarium.
A private voyage to the stars!
( Qualification: Groups of non-classroom people visiting day or night. )
Steps to reserve a program:

1) Review the frequently asked questions below.
Hopefully your questions are answered below, if not, please ask.
(email is most efficient please)  

2) Review the CALENDAR to find an open date/time.

3) You are now ready too request a program when the planetarium opens in the fall.

Optional group table lobby space. See fee details below. Please note the decorations and party favors are not included. 

What kind of groups book the planetarium ?

Scouts, 4H, Birthday Parties, Clubs, Youth Groups, Family and Company parties, Travel Agency groups, Rehearsal Parties, even Surprise Marriage Engagements.

When can I bring my group to the planetarium ?

The live calendar lists all current requests and reservations.
Requests must be done via this website and can only be accepted when the calendar is open (September - May.)
In general, 7 Days of the week are available depending on your TIMES (vary):
- School days (Monday - Friday):
        8:30am-2:30pm & 3:30-5pm
- Weeknights (after 5pm):
        Mondays are group nights. (Fridays are general public nights)
- Weekends (8am to 9pm):
        First group to book an open weekend, makes that weekend my monthly 'groups weekend.' Then any group can make a reservation on that same day too. (Leaving enough buffer time between)
- With a staff of 1 teacher wanting family fitness, I must reserve Tues-Thurs nights, 3 of 4 weekends per month and holidays for balance.
* Do not request a date less than 2 weeks from today for planning / communication time.
* A request does not mean you have a program. It must be officially confirmed before it can be assumed as scheduled.
* Allow 30 minutes (before and after) your request and other calendar events for passing time.
* Requests during school hours: heightened building security and parking enforcement info will be sent.

What programs and topics can we see ?

You're the boss! Scouts/4H usually want to learn about constellations/navigation to fulfill a badge requirement.
Then how about an added topic like Telescopes, Engineering Saturn or Mars?
Birthday parties should be fun over all. etc..
You can browse the program library and select a topic or you tell me what you want to see and expect and I will suggest a program to fit your needs. 

How long are planetarium programs ?

Normal programs run 1 hour unless specified.

How many people can you bring ?

Planetarium dome theater has 48 seats and are limited to this by fire code.
Optional lobby use is limited to 25 people. 

Is there a place for your group to gather for food and/or gifts ?

Yes, for an optional fee, the front lobby of the planetarium can be transformed with tables and chairs. You can enjoy meeting in front of the theater surrounded by large display cases of interesting objects.
- Maximum of 25 seats ( vs 48 in the planetarium theater)
- Lobby is not available M-F 8am-4pm
- Only tables and chairs are provided, decorations are at your discretion.
- There is no sink nor refrigeration close by so I highly encourage "space mission" theming on your food choices:
      * No ice cream or anything that would melt. (Astronaut ice cream is a big hit! [ dehydrated ] )
      * Self contained beverages (like bottles, juice boxes, foil pouches) instead of large bottles and open cups.
      * Self apportioned treats like cupcakes instead of sheet cake and forks.

Is the Planetarium Handicap accessible  ?

Yes, there are 4-5 wheelchair parking spaces in the front row with ramped access all the way from the parking lot.

How much does it Cost ?

100% of your fee goes to future programs in the planetarium. Thank you for your support!
I will send you a detailed cost estimate with your request confirmation for you to look over.

Normal Group Rates:  
$4 per person (with program cost minimums)
*Week Day/Night (M-F 8am-9pm ) = $70 per program minimum.
*Weekend: = $100 per program minimum.
-Always 1 free leader per 20 in your group.
Optional Additional Fee = $50 (per hour) for lobby, table and chair usage.
( Important: Lobby seats 25 people maximum.)

Confused?  Here are some cost examples:

Group A has 12 people for a Saturday birthday party with program and lobby usage for cake and presents.
1 free person with 11 guests x $4 = $44 (so the $100 program minimum applies) + $50 for lobby (1 hour )
Group pays  $150 ($100 program + $50 lobby)

Group B has 40 people for a Wednesday 1pm program with 2 free chaperons.
2 free persons plus 38 guests x $4 = $152 (so the minimum does not apply)
Group pays $152

Service tips?
Past groups have felt that they were treated with exceptional service and wanted to give a tip. What amazing generosity!
As a public servant, I feel that I shouldn't accept tips BUT would love a planetarium donation as 100% goes towards future programs! 

How do I pay for a program ?

After your party is wrapped up, we can settle the bill.
Checks made to 'Planetarium' and cash are accepted.
Receipts are always issued.

Credit card can be accepted but takes time to set up.

What if I have to cancel ?

Planetarium peeps are awesome! It's so very rare that at this time, the planetarium doesn't require a down payment. If you must cancel, I only ask for 48 hours notice and that you diligently contact ALL your guests so they don't show up to a locked building.