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-------- PUBLIC PROGRAM --------


Suitable for Children over 6 years old.

Our future on Mars depends on discoveries from the past!

Have you ever wondered how our modern spacecraft can navigate quickly and
accurately to Earth orbit and beyond?
Find out in EXPLORE!
It's the story of humanity's fascination with the stars —
from ancient stargazers and astrologers to the breakthrough discoveries
of Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Kepler.
Today's explorers depend on Kepler's genius for their work in space.

EXPLORE takes us on an imaginary journey. Astronauts leave Earth,
execute two Hohmann-transfer maneuvers, and dock with a space station.
Then they are off to Mars. In several beautiful scenes,
the show demonstrates how spacecraft follow Kepler's laws in stately maneuvers
as they make their way from Earth to orbit and then on to other worlds.

Trailer Below  or click <<HERE>>