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Grades/Ages: General
Topics: Math, Art/Music

Does mathematics have a color? Does it have a sound?
What if you could look beyond the formulas and equations
to see the beauty of the forms they describe?


Media artist Rocco Helmchen and composer Johannes Kraas answer these
questions in their latest educational/entertainment fulldome show:
Chaos and Order - A Mathematic Symphony.


Chaos and Order takes audiences on a spectacular journey through a fascinating
world of sensuous, ever-evolving images, magnificently choreographed to
symphonic electronic music. Structured into four movements —
from geometric forms, algorithms, simulations of chaos theory —
the show explores breathtaking animated visuals of unprecedented beauty.


Experience the fundamental connection between reality and mathematics,
as science and art fuse together in this immersive celebration of the one
common language of the universe: mathematics.