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Sony Projector Test for Mirror Dome Projector Compatibility

Specifically:    Does a projector meet the minimum specs for dome mirror projection?

Note1: This test is below the threshold of need for application.
ie. IF the projector can pass this test, there will be excessive room in the setting allowances to make it work.

Note2: The curved nature of the images is normal, see project overview.


Oct 29, 2019

Focused Images all side by side

Black level comparison MUST READ Related Review


This is the goal of the project. You can see the 600 in action.
The "Mirror Dome" planetarium concept.

Projector setup: Shoot Straight at Hemispherical First Surface Mirror.
This replaces the need for a special, very expensive fish eye lens and frees up the middle of the theater for visitor seats.

The projected image is, of course, severely warped, but it covers nearly the entire dome surface.
The computer pre-warps the image so that the projected image is near perfectly aligned to it's proper place.

This is a 30 foot planetarium dome, captured with a fisheye lens and a Canon T2i camera.

Properly aligned projector:

Content playing on the dome.
Boston Museum of Science "Waiting Far Away"
Jason Fletcher animator.

1) Info Panel
Just checking the serial number and model.
Results needed: Only a picture

Test 2) Image Flip Capable 
Can the projector invert image for "rear projection" ?
Results needed: YES / NO capability.

Test 3) Panel Alignment Capable 
Can the projector adjust each "ZONE" to converge pixels color ?
Note: This might not show up in all modes, I unplugged all feeds and turned it to Bright TV mode and could align the panel.
Results needed: YES / NO Zone alignment capability.

You should be able to enter adjust mode and
move the align box anywhere in the grid to adjust color convergence.

Test 4) Minimum Focused Throw
Start by:
A) adjusting the zoom all the way down(on the remote) (smallest image possible)
B) Adjust the focus all the way down (on the remote).
Results needed: Measurements and Pictures please

Adjust throw distance for a focused image.

Note: this will be very difficult to tell perfectly, but we are well within tolerance to compensate so our best will be OK.
My image below has a blue haze which is a camera lens problem from being so close, but you can see it's pretty much on focus.

Measure the throw distance from the front of the projector to focused image.
Measure the width and height of focused image.
For consistency (see image) let's measure from the front, top middle plate, not the lens.

I measured
the VPL600 here as:
Image 20.5 cm wide x 11.5 cm high @ 49 cm throw
Image 8" wide  x 4.5" high @ 19.3" throw