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We are making a limited number of our old theater seats 
available to the public now at $50 each for you to use at home.
I suspect they will not last long so please act quickly.
Details below.

Your Very Own Theater Seats!
When you have visited the planetarium,
we hope you have found the seats to be very comfortable.
These same seats are now available for personal purchase for $50 each.
All proceeds to go to the planetarium.

Assembly and some additional parts required.
I will show you all that you need to know.
These seats are not free standing and need to be mounted by 4 bolts.
An inexpensive painted or carpet wrapped section of plywood 
allows the chairs to match your decor and still be easily movable.

Do you want a "theater feel" in your house or home theater?
Seats can me made into straight rows too.

Pick up dates/times must be arranged with Chris.
Do not go to the planetarium yet! 
It is officially a construction site, it is unsafe for the public
and no one is there who can sell them.

To purchase: 

1) How many seats do you want and in what configuration?
Example: 1 row of 3 seats and 1 single seat

2) All seats must be paid for ($50 each) and picked up by Friday 8/26/2016

3) Payment is by cash or check (to Planetarium) and made at pick up.
Receipts will be given.

4) These are durable seats in good condition made for heavy public use.
You can inspect your seats before you buy them but
(as they are used) there is no warranty. They are sold 'as is'.

 Send your seating needs ( #1 above ) to Chris by email at:

Thank you for your continued support and we will see you under the stars soon!