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Private Group Programming

Planetarium is virtual only until danger from Covid-19 pandemic has abated.
I wish you all good health and hope reopen Dome Theater in Fall 2020.

I can RENT the WHOLE planetarium for my private group?
YES! It has been a very popular thing to do. Here are some events we have hosted:
Birthday Parties,
Youth Groups,
Family and Company parties,
Travel Agency groups,
Rehearsal Parties,
Surprise Marriage Engagements.

Then please read all of this and you can request instantly at the bottom.

When can I bring my group to the planetarium ?
PLEASE do not request a date less than 2 weeks from today. Planning time is needed.Otherwise, you're the boss.
If it's open on the
, it's probably yours.
You can request a program. If it's an evening program, I must first check with my family and confirm it with you.

What programs and topics can we see?
Depends on your group.
You're the boss.
Scouts/4H usually want to learn about constellations/ navigation to fulfill a badge requirement.
Then an age appropriate topic is added. Telescopes, Engineering Saturn, Mars.
Birthday parties prize fun over all. etc..
You can browse the program library
and select a topic.
Really, you tell me what you want to see and expect and I will make the program to your needs.
Of course I can always suggest something for you if you wish..

How long are programs?
Normal programs run 1 hour unless specified.

Physical logistics of the planetarium?
We have 48 seats and are limited to this by fire code.
- Planetarium has it's own front doors located at Wausau West High School.
Our doors are near the flagpole and marked with a large sign above the entrance.
Front doors open 20 minutes before start time.

Is there a separate classroom for a meeting or Pizza/Cake/Presents?

Yes! For smaller groups (~25 people) and depending on availability.
Classrooms are almost always an option in the evening but never available during the school day.
A standard classroom may be used for an additional hour before / after (or split around) your program.

Please note there is an additional fee for this.

What is the cost?
-Always 1 free leader per 20 in your group.
- Checks made to 'Planetarium' and cash are accepted.
Receipts are always issued.
Sorry we can't accept credit card.

$4 per person (with program cost minimums)

*Week Day/Night (M-F 8am-9pm )
$70 per program minimum.

$100 per program minimum.

Additional Fee:
$30 per hour for classroom usage.
Confused?  Here are some cost examples:

Group A has 12 people for a Saturday birthday party with program and classroom usage for cake and presents.
 (1 free birthday person with 11 x $4 = $48 so the $100 program minimum applies)
+ $30 for classroom (1 hour )
Group pays  $130 ($100 program + $30 classroom)

Group B has 40 people for a Wednesday 1pm program with 2 free chaperons.
(2 free plus 38 x $4 = $152 so the minimum does not apply) Group pays $152

How do I pay for the program?
You can bring check/cash on your visit. A receipt will be issued.
We can not process credit cards.
We can also invoice.

Do you still have questions?
Please email (BEST!) or call Chris to set up your program.

Contact: Chris Janssen


Steps to reserve a program:

1) Review the frequently asked questions above.

2) Review the CALENDAR to find an open date/time.

3) You are now ready too.....